Intro: Delaying tactics 232 officially passed

Thanks to some wise words from Derek Sivers, I have decided that since writing is what I love to do, more of it shall be done. Showing the messy process of our ‘art’, recording lessons and useful findings along the way, is after all, an incredibly easy way to share.

I can’t necessarily produce good writing, nor perfectly edited writing, nor funny or wise

Credit: Angus MacRae
Credit: Angus MacRae

writing. But I can certainly do my best to write what I observe in the day and record lessons learnt on my journey to ever more presence.

My presumptuous hope is that perhaps one day another soul might stumble upon those words and may find them to be of some use to them. Whether it be through my own musings or through my observations of other inspiring people such as Derek Sivers, Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin or the host of other legends that move me to soldier on towards self mastery; I sincerely wish that even just one other person will reach the same conclusion that I have.

That whatever they are going through, there is another soul on this planet that is probably also wading through something similar.

This is what I am learning. This is what I would love to teach. Let’s learn from each other.

All hail the age of ‘online’ learning!


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